About Us

As of 2013, our roster includes 350 officers from over one hundred fifty agencies and organizations. There are several member services:

1. •The CBSOA hosts one annual three-day training symposium in the Spring of each year and one or     two one-day symposiums throughout the rest of the year.

2. •A newsletter, THE BEACON, which contains information about the association, an update of     statewide training programs, and general news of interest to our membership is published four times     per year.

3. •Our Membership Roster is issued annually then updated in THE BEACON.

4. •We also monitor and lobby for or against legislation that deals with boating safety issues.

Our past accomplishments include:

1. •Being the lead in legislation that revamped California's Boating Under the Influence laws to more     closely align with the Vehicle Code,

2. •Creating the first Boating Accident Investigation Writing Template in the country, and

3. •Sponsoring legislation that made ski flag use mandatory in California All Boating Safety Officers are     invited to join us and are encouraged to participate in our training symposiums.